Jan Breydellaan 9, 8500 Kortrijk, BE

+32 472 76 75 97


Dieter Van Caneghem (°1990, Beveren) obtained his master’s degree in photography from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in 2013. As a photographer, he is mainly interested in constructed landscapes and is fascinated by spaces that are still under construction and the disintegration that occurs when spaces are lived in or deserted. Some of the photographs are meant to be presented alone and others are part of a constructed image or series, but they all have a monumental effect.

Selected exhibitions:

2021, curator Track & Trace, Fotofestival Kortrijk (BE)

2020, group exhibition City Trip, CC De Steiger, Menen (BE) / 2019, group exhibition The Wrong House, Kortrijk (BE) / 2019, group exhibition Show Me Your Colors, Atelier 2025, Kortrijk (BE) / 2018, traveling solo exhibition, België, Belgique, Belgien, Photography circuit Flanders, Belgium / 2017, solo exhibtion 200/3, Felixt Art Museum, Drogenbos (BE) / 2017, group exhibition DIA-loog, Home Johan Van Geluwe, Waregem (BE) / 2017, group exhibition OPEN M, Cas-co, Leuven (BE) / 2017, group exhibition Arnoevoo, MEC Staf Versluys, Bredene (BE) / 2016, group exhibition TWENS, Unexpossed Fotografie Circuit, Leuven (BE) / 2015, solo exhibition Disarray, Galerry 'TZIEN, Mechelen (BE) / 2014, group exhibition CHECK, M museum, Leuven (BE) / 2014, group exhibition Kirchberg a form of Europe, A. Demeulemeester, Brussel (BE) / 2014, group exhibition Ithaka 22, Metamorphosis, Leuven (BE) / 2014, group exhibition Testcase, SLAC, Leuven (BE) / 2012, group exhibition #3, Recyclart, Brussel (BE) / 2012, group exhibition Street View, Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussel (BE) / 2012, group exhibition Green Room, International Photo Festival Knokke-Heist, Knokke (BE)

Selected publications:

2018, 66 photo's, 2015-2017, Theraphy Tower Pellenberg, Leuven, print / 2016 D!NG, 3 year anniversary issue, print / 2014 Seminrach 6: Thing Theory & Urban Objects for the European Capital City: Kirchberg Plateau, print / 2014, Kirchberg a form of Europa, Andreas de Boeck, print / 2013, Art Magazine Flanders, n°347, Filled Flanders between city and open space, print

Fabrieksgevel, 2020-2021
Wachtgevel, 2020
Gevelreclame, 2020-2021
DieterVanCaneghem_2018_15:01_51°03'38.9"N 3°42'48.7"E
DieterVanCaneghem_2015_12:44_50°50'33.3"N 4°22'49.0"E
DieterVanCaneghem_2013_14:55_51°13'55.3"N 4°24'33.1"E
DieterVanCaneghem_2012_10:33_50°50'33.6"N 4°22'50.9"E
DieterVanCaneghem_2015_16:36_51°14'34.5"N 4°23'50.6"E
DieterVanCaneghem_2015_11:03_50°57'34.8"N 4°13'48.8"E